Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hello Bloggy world.

I just received an email from my lovely sister, Emily with an introduction to her new blog, The Other Day.  I felt inspired after reading her first post and I ended up looking back on what I started here and I'm actually pretty proud of the few posts I made before I changed plans (for the thousandth time).  While I still consider myself on the road to becoming a professional maker, It's taken on a very different form for the next few years.  I've gone back to school, starting back at square one to pursue another bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering in hopes of eventually beginning a career or seeking further education in product design.  As you might imagine this has required a great deal of time and energy and It's been a huge and difficult, albeit gratifying, challenge for me, to say the least. I've spent the past year or so breathing, eating, and drinking MATH MATH MATH and more math, with a little chemistry and physics thrown in for good measure.  If you'd asked me 5 years ago it that was even a possibility, I would have laughed in your face but the experience has been broadening and it's nice to have a direction that feels feasible.

If I have any fans out there, you might have noticed that I've let my Etsy shop go dormant for the time being.  It takes a surprising amount of time and self promotion to make sales on Etsy and I simply couldn't continue to do it while back in school.  I am however, facing a summer long break in which none of my engineering classes are offered so ill be working, climbing and sewing my way though the next three hot desert months.  I am really excited about the prospect of working on some projects I've been dreaming about (in some cases, literally.  I had a dream last night about a magical polkadot dress, but more on that later.)  I have also want to continue my series on great thrift and vintage shopping in Tucson.  Maybe we can even take a trip together to the wonder that is the San Diego Salvation Army.  Elana has been visiting just about every weekend since our wildly successful shopping spree about a month or so ago while I was up there for the weekend.

Anyway look forward to some new material in the coming months and let me know if there's anything you'd like to see.  Thanks for reading friends!